My daughter-in-laws loved these bags, this one I’m ordering is for my sister and another for my granddaughter. They are a hit with everyone! What a Great GIFT! The ones you shipped for Gig Harbor arrived in less than 24 hours….You are Good!

Fern P.Washington

I sold some ityse bags at the grocery store yesterday. This poor woman came into the store with about 50 of those giant re-usable bags…like I use to carry. I had my Sleek and Sophisticated iTySE bag in hand. I demonstrated the ease and effectiveness of my bag (not to mention how cute it was) and she was amazed. She was buying a bag on her phone as I was leaving the store. Her daughter was very grateful not to be seen with the “Bag Lady” anymore! Shawna we love your invention!

Sarah H.Oregon

PLEASE!!!! Send me more cards, I’ve given all my cards out to people wanting to know where I got my cool bags 🙂


We use our bags, on the river, in the gym and at the park! iTySE bags are not just for shopping!

JasonNew Jersey

I just love my new bags, and I think I’m the first in Maui to use them.


iTySE bags rock!

Sherry SasserIdaho

I love these bags, I will be sending them out for Christmas gifts!

Linsi J.Washington

I can’t get over how much they hold! Everyone wants to know where they can get them!

Sue L.Texas